Re: Word use: Express/ed (You ha

Subject: Re: Word use: Express/ed (You ha
From: "William J. Hartzer" <William -dot- Hartzer -at- EMC2-TAO -dot- FISC -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 1994 13:15:00 EST

CHS8 writes:

>Bill. You are the individual who is wrong. You know the old saying there's
>nothing more dangerios than a man who thinks he knows. "Express" is a
>specific legal term. Look it up in Black' Dictionary.

I NEVER claimed to be a lawyer, and I never will be a lawyer. I am a
technical writer by trade, and don't EVER plan to be a lawyer-type. Do you
really want to bring another round of lawyer jokes up that have so long been
in the political arena in the past few years? I don't.

As I stated in an earlier post here, I don't care whether or not this
statement is gramatically correct or not. I DO care how it is officially
written! And I did indicate, in the same paragraph, that since it was
originally written:

"without the expressed written consent..."

It shall remain that way until a law is passed that changes it. And oh yeah,
before you take such rash and obnoxious opinions about other people like,
"there's nothing more dangerous than a man who thinks he knows," especially
when you don't know them, think about what you say. That is a COMPLETELY

I will continue to write it and use it as it was originally (legally) written,
even though how gramatically incorrect you claim that it is. As a technical
writer, I'll use it as it's officially written, and let my lawyer fight it out
in court. That's his job.

Bill Hartzer
Technical Writer, Fischer International Systems Corporation
SUNNY Naples, Florida USA

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