Re: Word 2 - Text Trapped in a Field Code

Subject: Re: Word 2 - Text Trapped in a Field Code
From: Howard Kaikow <kaikow -at- STANDARDS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 1994 13:08:27 GMT

I know that I should not volunteer, but ...
Email me a uuencoded, zipped copy of the .doc file and the .dot file. Do
so in a single email message, i.e., do not segment the .uue file. I'll
take a look at it using Word 6. No promises tho.

In article <Pine -dot- BSI -dot- 3 -dot- 90 -dot- 941228121224 -dot- 7087A-100000 -at- usr1 -dot- primenet -dot- com>,
Rosie <ncrowe -at- primenet -dot- com> wrote:
>Hey, techwhirlers!
>Just got back from vacation to find one of the other writers
>here has an unusual Word 2.0 problem. Some how (unknown)
>most of the text in her document has been included inside
>of her TOC field code. The only way around it we've found
>so far is to save it as text and re-do the formatting.
>Deleting the field code deletes the text inside. There
>is no way to select the text without selecting the field
>code -- thus, the text cannot be "cut" from the field code
>and repasted outside.
>Saving it as an RTF perserves the field code and the dilemma.
>Other saves perserve formatting without the field code, but
>not style names (so we might as well save it as text.)
>Has anyone out there ever had this happen to them?
>Does anyone have a solution?
>How could she have gotten the text within the field code?
>She *swears* she didn't do it -- but how could it have happened
>so we can avoid it ever happening again?
>P.S. The other tech writers already called Microsoft and
>they could not answer these questions!

>Rosie (NorthCrowe)
>ncrowe -at- primenet -dot- com
>rwilc -at- fast -dot- dot -dot- state -dot- az -dot- us
>"Half an hour's meditation is essential except
>when you are very busy. Then a full hour is needed."
>-St. Francis De Sales

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