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Subject: Helpful Group!
From: Kelly Burhenne <burhennk -at- SMTPGW -dot- LIEBERT -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 1995 14:40:58 EST

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Hello! You all are so nice and helpful! My colleague and I are amazed
at the vast resource of information we have at our fingertips! Some of
you even look up information for others or say you'll look it up at
home! I'm new to the list and am truly amazed at how much people are
willing to help others! You should all be very proud.

Thanks for your responses about Articles with Acronymns. I will use
"an FTP", etc. (I think where I run into problems is that I,
personally, read what the letters stand for [mostly to test myself];
however, most people probably just say the letters).

Thank you also for your responses to the TOC w/II Volumes question. My
colleague and I have decided to go with the following:

-Put the entire TOC in Volume I
-In Volume II, put a TOC that pertains only to Volume II, with a note
saying "for the entire TOC, see Volume I"
-Start Volume II with page number 230
-Number the pages like this: I - 13 ; II - 235

Thanks again to everyone. Who says people don't care about others

Kelly Burhenne
burhennk -at- smtpgw -dot- liebert -dot- com
Columbus, OH

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