Subject: HyperHelp
From: Bill Amos <bpa1 -at- DEV1 -dot- OSI -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 1995 09:42:41 +0800

Hi, everybody

We're trying to make a decision here, and we need your advice. Here's the

Our company makes a large, complex network management software product for
UNIX machines. All our documentation is done in FrameMaker. At the eleventh
hour, the company wants to put in online help. (It was never a priority in
the past.) Development cannot be counted on to insert the hooks in the code
to implement a true online help system, at least on the form level.

We're thinking that in order to satisfy the client who's pushing for the
online help we'd just dump the manual online and let hypertext links from
the TOC and index carry the user through the manual. Yes, I know it's a
lousy solution, but we need something there to buy us time to do it right.

Our question is this: for the very simple implementation we're thinking of
for now, will HyperHelp do the trick? Will it support enough of Frame's
formatting to make the dump fairly easy? Is it really cheaper than Frame-
Viewer? We're interested in the experiences of anyone who has used these
products, or ideas from anyone who can come up with some other solution.

Thanks for your help!!

Bill Amos
Objective Systems Integrators
Folsom, CA

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