Re: My Silicon Valley offer

Subject: Re: My Silicon Valley offer
From: Marc Santacroce <santa -at- TFS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 14:31:00 PST

California may not be for everyone, but it still has the greatest variety
of on and off job oportunities of anywhere I've ever lived, and that
includes US, Europe and Asia.
At 8:51 AM 2/17/95 -0700, Johnson, Mike C. @ SLG wrote:
>You did the right thing! I have gone to California three different times,
>and have come back home all three times. Yes, I made great money. And yes,
>I had fun. I still miss the ocean. But in Utah I can ride my bike to
>work, leave my cat outside all day, and live in a house I own.

>California was nice in the 60s, but not now.
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>To: Multiple recipients of list TECHWR-L
>Subject: My Silicon Valley offer
>Date: Thursday, February 16, 1995 7:43PM

>First of all, thanks again to everyone who replied
>so quickly with information about salaries in
>Silicon Valley. The information I got was extremely
>helpful, and for those of you who asked me to
>forward you copies, it will be on the way very

>This is the situation. I am graduating at the end of
>May. Michigan Tech is on the quarter system, so I
>have one quarter left. The company that offered me
>the job wants me to start working after *this*
>quarter, which would mean putting graduation off
>for at least a year or more. Apparently, they're
>not too concerned if I have a degree in hand, since
>I've finished most of my course work.

>I also have two other job offers that both start in
>June. I have decided to turn down the Silicon Valley
>job and graduate as planned in May. Most of my friends
>think I am insane to turn down the job and money, but
>I think it's more important to get my degree. If for
>some reason my job were to be cut short, I'm afraid
>I would be stuck in Palo Alto with an apartment lease
>that costs $1000/month, no job, and no degree, which
>most likely means no chance of getting another job.

>I'm just wondering if anyone has any comments/advice
>about my decision. I haven't turned down the job

>Thanks again to everyone who helped!

>Shelly La Rock
>smlarock -at- mtu -dot- edu



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