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Subject: Re: Re[2]: Portfolio contents
From: Matt Ion <mion -at- DIRECT -dot- CA>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 1995 12:26:51 PDT

On Wed, 5 Jul 1995 10:50:13 -0700 you wrote:

>Ya most definately. Your references to the app's you can use or have used
>should be saved for the resume. Your portfolio/presentation foldder is for
>the "end products" to sorta "show your wares". They are (for the most part)
>interested in the fact that you can give them the finished article
>on-dime&on-time rather than how you get there.

The only exception I can see to this is when they say, "Okay, looks good, we
use xxx-application here, are you familiar with it?" On-dime&on-time may or
may not include re-training yourself to whatever they have available.

But then again, that can still be left to the resume... if they don't like
your work, they aren't gonna look at your resume, and they won't care how you
got to the finished product.

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