Certification Exists Reexamined, Crow Eaten

Subject: Certification Exists Reexamined, Crow Eaten
From: Richard Dimock <red -at- ELSEGUNDOCA -dot- ATTGIS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 11:46:23 PDT

I myself wrote:

>There already exists a method of "Certification" as tech
>writers. It is called "College Degree".

Becca's response made me think my statement over. I have to
agree with her that the degree is a lowest common denominator
for entry nowadays.

Then Robyn's charge that I was defensively contending made
me further examine my purpose for contending. Looks to me as if
Robyn truly hit the mark.

I dredged up all my excuses for not taking more night courses
to advance my degree level. I scanned over the 15 years I
wrote at Cray in rural Wisconsin, in relative isolation from
the TW community. I could have benefitted by more STC contact,
new outside TW ideas.

So far, I have been lucky enough (or "Artful" as I sign my posts)
at surviving. For the past five years in Los Angeles, I have
stayed with STC, and learned. My job assignments bring me along
with the main trends; I have good platforms on my resume.

However, comma, there is a LOT going on that I am behind on.
I Info Map, but don't Web. I am about to On-Line Help for the
first time, solo, and only know what I have pulled from this
excellent list. I write great manuals, but can't do illustrations
beyond blocks, circles and text labels.

((( Would ** I ** hire me? ))) Depends on the job, I s'pose.

Thanks to you good people for *inviting* me to reexamine the
value of a continuing education kind of certification program.
Maybe I WILL talk to Slick Willie about my exit door plan.

Roast Crow doesn't taste too bad.


Becca also mentioned how charmed her employer is about
certifications, and mentions Powerbuilder and Word.

It strikes me that one could tie in the PET PEEVES thread with
this certiication thread and come up with a !# dynamite #!
resume! For a few thou one actually knows the real guts of
several apps, and can put CERTIFIED in bold on the res. One look
through the classifieds shows which apps are in demand. Let's
go get trained! Heck, write 3rd party books on the apps!

Dick Dimock, Artfully Senior Tech Writer of 1980's manuals
El Segundo, CA In this spot, I customarily expound upon my
environs. Today, I ask if anyone cares to
know the true story behind the expression
"Eat Crow". If so, I will serialize the REAL
story, in this otherwise often wasted sig space.

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