Re: What size monitors do you have?

Subject: Re: What size monitors do you have?
From: "Race, Paul D" <racepa -at- WHQPOS4B -dot- DAYTONOH -dot- ATTGIS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 08:04:06 -0600

Karen Mayer <Karen_Mayer -dot- TOUCH_TECHNOLOGY -at- NOTES -dot- COMPUSERVE -dot- COM>
> We're trying to justify to a boss who's never worked with tech writers
> before (and likely didn't know they existed before he started working
> here) the need for
> A) A real DTP (FrameMaker)
> B) 21-inch monitors (instead of 17")
> c) Formal training on Frame

I have a 17" at home and a 21" here.

When it comes to formatting text, being able to see a whole page at ONCE (in
a resolution where you can still read all but the smallest type) instead of
having to page down, page down, page down, will literally save hundreds of
hours a year, if not thousands.

People object because the cost seems high ($1200 or so), point out that
they'd be buying $300 or so monitors anyway, so the only thing you have to
justify is the incremental cost. Which at, say 600hrs saved per year, at
$20/hr is not hard to justify.

And as a user of a 21" monitor who has occasionally had to go back to his
17-incher, I can attest, A 21" monitor DOES SAVE A LOT OF TIME.

Hope this helps - p/r

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