Re: Anon and other list restrictions

Subject: Re: Anon and other list restrictions
From: Steve Jong/Lightbridge <Steve_Jong/Lightbridge*LIGHTBRIDGE -at- NOTES -dot- CREDTECH -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 1995 13:51:55 EDT

When things started going badly at a company where I worked, anonymous
interoffice postings were an important vehicle for people to challenge, without
fear of retribution, untruths or distortions promulgated by management.
(Things have to get *really* bad before such a vehicle becomes perceived as
necessary, but there you are.)

What would you do if you were presented with a work situation that might be
unethical, irrational, or illegal? I would do a sanity check before acting,
but I have a network of colleagues; what if you were the only technical writer
at a company? I think it's entirely possible that there are people reading
this list who don't have someone they could telephone or meet for lunch, so
posting to TECHWR-L might be a real chance to get advice; but posting by name,
rather than anonymously, might be a daunting prospect.

("Hi, I work for XYZ Corp, and they've asked me to flat-out lie in the manual
about safety hazards. Is that a good idea? Signed, Joe Smith, XYZCorp." Joe,
that's a lousy idea, but now XYZCorp is exposed to litigation -- which they
deserve, by the way -- and, oh yeah, your butt is out the door...)

-- Steve Jong (writing hypothetically and not anonymously)

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