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Subject: Re: bleeder tabs
From: Geoff Bradbury <bradg -at- INTEXT -dot- CPSG -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 1995 14:41:15 +1000

At 16:27 16/10/95 PDT, you wrote:
>Our books use bleeder tabs. The tabs are black rectangles at the edge
>of the page with the name of the chapter or something like that on

>The text on the bleeder tabs is sideways, but we're having a small
>controversy over which direction the text should face. Should it be:

>1. facing in toward the page, so the text reads from top to bottom on
>the tab

>2. facing out away from the page, so the text reads from bottom to top
>on the tab

>I've seen it done both ways, but I can't find a good argument for doing
>it one way or the other. If you have an opinion on it, or you know of
>a source that discusses this issue, I'd really appreciate hearing from
At 14:33 17/10/95, I wrote:

I go for option 2. When thumbing through a publication I like to see the
wording on the tabs as the pages spin by. It makes an already useful reader
navigation tool that bit more useful.

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