Art of the Edge?

Subject: Art of the Edge?
From: Scott Goodhue <goodhue -at- SMTPGATE -dot- DISCLOSURE -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 17:01:33 EST

This message concerns my original posting, and the subsequent

Call for Neologism:

The term "state of the art" has been used for some time to refer to
the highest level of development. In your opinion, is it hackneyed? I
posed the question once to an STC PIC a while ago and one member
suggested: "Bleeding edge." This may be too bloody for many. I
considered " the fore-running cusp" for a softer sound, but neither
terms seem adequate to me. They just don't have the ring of an
engineering feat. I've also run across "state of the edge," but it's
a mere substitution of one word for another. Any suggestions

Scott Goodhue
sgoodhue -at- disclosure -dot- com <<

The responders favored the following substitutes for "state of the
1. "Leading-edge" (greatest number of nominations)
2. "Cutting-edge" (second greatest number of nominations)
3. "State of the art" should be left "as is" (a trailing third)

Marvin W. Miller <Marvin_Miller -at- sec -dot- sel -dot- sony -dot- com> of the
state-of-the-art-is-hackneyed group asked, "Does that mean any movie
made using the PIXAR system is state of the art art?"

Al Ruttbottom <aer -at- pcsi -dot- cirrus -dot- com> noted that engineers he worked
with defined state of the art as "the current, well-known and
established art, technique or technology...not the leading edge,
rather it is likelier the trailing edge or the least buggy, prob'ly
most conservative implementation..."

In considering this, I ran across the dilemma:
If a leading-edge product proves to be too buggy, and is revised but
is more advanced than the state of the art upon re-release, would it
be called "on the re-sharpened edge?"

At any rate, the terms have to be used with the knowledge that they're
predisposed to being temporary, victims of inexorable progress. But
hey, to most readers, it's a given that they'll have to upgrade
anyway, that the term applies to concurrent circulation.

Scott Goodhue
sgoodhue -at- disclosure -dot- com

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