Final post (from me anyways) on "increments"

Subject: Final post (from me anyways) on "increments"
From: Connie Winch <CEW -at- MACOLA -dot- USA -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 1995 17:34:00 LCL

At the request/suggestion of a couple of responders to my original post
(which I include at the bottom for those who didn't see it), I hereby post
the results of my question about the use of "increments" as a verb. I
received 31 responses. Two were from the same person, and I must have lost
a couple while looking back through them, because the following totals 28:

More or less "Leave it" - 10 (Most in this category reiterated what I
actually already knew - it's used that way in the computing/programming

Specifically stated preference for "increments" but suggested another way I
could do it - 4

Depends on your audience - 2

Suggested a different way to do it - 12 (Most did not express preference
one way or the other.)

My final decision is to change it to this: "After each entry, [the
software package] increases the Transaction ID No. by 1." In other words,
I am squarely with the "Depends on your audience" people. I'm writing
about computer software but it's for people whom I cannot assume are quite
computer literate. They use computer software to do accounting; they don't
do accounting so they can use computers.

I'm editing one of our manuals and have come across "increment" used as a
verb. According to my American Heritage Dictionary, it's not a verb.
However, I'm having a hard time thinking of a replacement. Any
suggestions? It would be used in a sentence like this: "The software
package automatically increments the transaction ID number after each

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