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Subject: Re: Request help
From: Stuart Reynolds <reynolds -at- IC -dot- NET>
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 1995 08:25:30 -0500

On Saturday, December 30, 1995 1:45 AM, Guy McDonald[SMTP:guym -at- daka -dot- com] =

>Does anyone know the definitive answer to what Character Set is used by =
the majority of mail programs? I have run into some difficulty when =
using extended 8 bit characters (i.e., ISO 8859-1 or US-ASCII) in either =

>I became very upset when hearing that my messages "crashed" another =
persons system, which certainly is NOT my purpose here. I do not =
believe the problem was on her end, or the OKState server. She uses =
Eudora, which I used last year, progressing to Pegasus, then EMC and now =
MS Exchange. All of these changes have greatly enhanced my setup here, =
however there are many who run mail programs that cannot digest certain =
imbedded object structures or attachments. Originally I=20

Hi Guy.. I am using Exchange (Win 95). in the properties of the =
"service", I have (when in the message format button is clicked) MIME =
encoding turned on (check box is ticked) and the Character set IS =
8859-1. Also, I can't remember where, but there is also a setting, =
which if checked, will send your messages out, as Windows RTF format. I =
dunno what their version and the standard RTF is, but that could also be =
a problem.

the only thing I have been told of, is a friend of mine, who is running =
OS/2, gets the =3D symbols, instead of an "invisible" word wrap.

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