Seeking job in Atlanta, GA area

Subject: Seeking job in Atlanta, GA area
From: Cathy Quinones <quinones -at- MINDSPRING -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 09:30:31 EST

Hello everyone,

Like the subject says, I am looking for a tech writing job in the
Atlanta, GA area and would appreciate input on the following issues:

1. I just finished a PhD in biology, but want to make a living by
writing. As an undergrad, I took all the courses in the "tech writing
speciaization program" at Texas A&M. I've continued to nurse my
interest in techwriting ever since... yet, I don't have any job
experience *directly* on tech writing. I sometimes get the feeling
that having a PhD may cause some people to wonder why in the world I'd
be seeking an entry-level position, but that IS what I need, right?,
since I don't have actual job experience in the field. Will
interviewers see my latest degree and dismiss me on the assumption
that I am going to be an expensive hire *just* because I have that
degree (rather than because I may actually deserve to be paid a little
more because of the *experiences* that come with that degree)? Any
hints on how to present myself (in my resume and otherwise) without
having to strike my chest and apologize for grad school much

2. Can anyone recommend any headhunters in this area? I'm interested
in tech writing in general (science communication in specific, given
the choice). I looked at the listings in the yellow pages but none
caught my eye. If anybody can recommend a company or individual that
has proven helpful in finding writing jobs, please let me know.

(BTW, I am an STC member, haven't attended one of the meetings yet, so
that's certainly something I need to do. I've also checked web pages
with job listings, etc...
The resumes I've sent so far haven't even produced a flush letter.
I'm working on creating some writing samples, as well as making
offerings to pagan gods; did I miss something?)

Thanks in advance!

quinones -at- mindspring -dot- com
(that's my web page with pet bird care info)

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