Re: Difference between editor and manager

Subject: Re: Difference between editor and manager
From: Brett Peruzzi <Brett -dot- Peruzzi -at- FDC-INVEST -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 12:55:40 -0500

Hi tech whirlers:

As a doc manager who also serves as the department editor, I find the two roles
complement each other well. I enjoy editing immensely and feel it allows me to
build a rapport with my writers far beyond what would be possible if I did not
regularly review their writing. It certainly gives me greater insight into each
person's writing strengths and development needs, rather than a more high level
view of whether they meet deadlines and produce work that "looks good."

Certainly, one of the cons of the dual roles is the time pressure of editing
when managerial tasks beckon--but because I like editing, I'm willing to manage
my time so I can do it.

Regarding whether it's critical that a manager know a lot about the doc process,
I feel that depends on what the manager and company expect the manager's role to
be. Yes, as the business types say, a good manager can manage any function, but
I see my role going far beyond doing generic management tasks. I feel that my
background as a writer is essential to my effectiveness in managing the writing

I see myself as a writer/editor who manages, not merely a manager of writers.

Brett Peruzzi
First Data Investor Services Group
Brett -dot- Peruzzi -at- fdc-invest -dot- com

Speaking for myself only, as usual


Hello all:

I would like to know what the differences are between the job roles of an
editor and a manager. Some of the more obvious differences (an editor
edits, a manager hires/fires) I understand, but I would like to know about
some of the more indistinct areas: who mentors writers? is it critical
that the manager knows a lot about the documentation process? do people
fulfill both roles simultaneously? what are the pros/cons of that?

I am especially interested in hearing anecdotes and stories, just because
the "real world" interests me more than ideals (but of course I will want
to hear about those, too ...)

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Patty Ewy
pewy -at- icontrol -dot- anza -dot- com

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