Re: Testing: how long is too long?

Subject: Re: Testing: how long is too long?
From: Stuart Reynolds <reynolds -at- IC -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 12:48:57 -0500

On Tuesday, January 09, 1996 5:07 PM, Kirstin =
Mercer[SMTP:kirstin -at- INTERCON -dot- COM] wrote:

Hi Kirstin..
> To us, the testing is very important. In a few
> instances, we have been completely ready to offer
> a candidate a position after interviewing and looking
> over samples and resumes, only to find out that
> his or her tests were really very inadequate. In those
> cases, we feel testing has saved us from making a
> potentially big mistake.

Ever think that perhaps you might have lost a good one? Perhaps, they =
were one of those people, who *don't do tests well*, but are stellar at =
their job. I hate tests myself, but just love stress and pressure on =
the job. I like to stay "on my feet" and keep the mind grinding. I =
don't normally do tests badly, but I still hate them. That's why I am =
working and not back at school. :o) If their samples, resumes and =
references, were good enough to get you to thinking that you should =
employ this person, then their work and work habits, can't be all that =
bad. The other side of "the coin" is also that, you might get someone, =
who can do tests like they were Merlin, but have lousy work habits and =
don't "do deadlines".


ps. how's the dog? :o)

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