Copy of: Tec Pub's Reporting Structure

Subject: Copy of: Tec Pub's Reporting Structure
From: Bob Boeri <76001 -dot- 2114 -at- COMPUSERVE -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 09:58:57 EST

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RE: Copy of: Tec Pub's Reporting Structure


My name is Bob Boeri and I'm new to this list. I started my career nearly 25
years ago as a software technical writer and have been involved with technical
publishing in one way or another since then. For the last several years I've
worked in an MIS organization dealing with publishing issues (tools,
technologies, etc.). (I can't get away from writing though; currently write a
bi-monthly column for CD-ROM Professional.) Although I was an active member of
the Society for Technical Communications for many years, I've not been a member
of STC for about 10 years. Enough introduction; here is my question.

I am interested in current organizational reporting structures for technical
publishing groups. To what organization is your technical publishing group
attached? That is, does your technical publishing manager report to the head of
Marketing Communications? Research and Development? Information Systems? Other?
How well does that reporting structure work; do you wish it were otherwise? If
so, what would you prefer? In my distant experience Technical Publishing tended
to report to R&D; had the advantage of being close to the subject matter
experts; had the disadvantage of being downsizing targets when R&D budgets

What's your experience? Thanks!

--Bob Boeri
Factory Mutual
Norwood, MA

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