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Subject: Re: What *is* user-friendly...
From: Dot James <dot -at- HPOEMB05 -dot- SJ -dot- HP -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 07:57:05 PST

You wrote:

>Thanks to Laura, Kristina, and Tracy -- three Techwhirlers who were
>not yet born when JFK was shot -- who wrote to assure me that my
>generational theory about user-friendliness is full of goose guano.

Apparently, you are determined to continue to use your definition of a
baby-boomer even though I sent you a private e-mail. Since I don't
think your myth should become "fact," I am sending the correction to
the list this time. Thus, when you first wrote:

>I wonder if a generational factor is at work here. Of course there
>are exceptions, but perhaps we "boomers" (defined, at least in the
>U.S., as anyone who can remember where they were when JFK was shot),

I sent you the following explanation of the term, "baby-boomer":

Baby boomers are those born in 1946, the first year after WWII, thru
approx. 1953. The name derives from the boom in baby-making, not the
boom heard in 1963. For example: I am 57. I am not a baby-boomer, but
I can certainly remember where I was when Kennedy died.

I'm surprised you haven't seen all the articles about boomers turning
50 this year.

Dot James in San Jose, CA "The secret of happiness is not doing
dot -at- hpoemb05 -dot- sj -dot- hp -dot- com what one likes to do, but in liking
dotjames -at- paladin-usa -dot- com what one has to do." -- Sir James Barrie

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