Re: Bill Bledsoe's question, and another question...

Subject: Re: Bill Bledsoe's question, and another question...
From: Jack Shaw <jsh -at- SOFTWARE-AG -dot- DE>
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 1996 11:28:17 GMT

I'm in about the same situation as you are, Bill, in trying to find a
solution for managing an "intranet web" in which the info. is available
in both a printable form and a contextually equal (and instantly changeable!)
on-line form. All this, of course, must accept input ranging from LaTeX
to Sanscrit. Eating the cake and having it, too, is the name of the game.

I've downloaded the humungous (10 MB, compressed) Front Page tryware and
I'm in the process (grovel, grovel) of trying to get it running. Front
Page (from either or www.billgates& -- :-), who
recently acquired the former) claims to allow you to manage a body of
info. while being able to move that same info. to a webby world as HTML
with all of the hotspots, links, and the like. I.e., you write a best-
seller, freeze it, push it through Front Page's "automatic" HTML filter
and cataloger (scares me, too...) and presto! your best-seller's
webbable, complete with any links you decided would be good to have.

Ah, but tomorrow, you decide that the butler didn't because maybe he
couldn't. So you write a new chapter/file 43, bumping old files 43 - 87
up a notch. Null problemo, says Front Page. Add the chapter, reflush the
whole shooting match through Front Page and voila! everything is still
O.K.--including resolution of not only all the hotspots whose chapter/file
no's. have rippled, but also all those that referred to the (newly
demised) butler's activities that you posthumously erased from the
later chapters. And, it's all still wonderfully webby, like before,
thanks to the cataloging DB that Front Page builds for your best-seller.

Yeah, sure. I'll believe it when. And I'll see it only after I get
it up and running...probably on Mar. 14. And the tryware software
expires on the 15th...

Has anyone else tried Front Page? Are there any others out there who
have tried similar "web management" tools such as the latter or Interleaf's
Cyberleaf? I don't want to even talk about SoftQuad...HotDog forever!

Sceptically (Once HoTMetaLled, twice shy...),

Jack Shaw

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