Re: posting TECHWR-L digests without permission

Subject: Re: posting TECHWR-L digests without permission
From: Stan Brown <stbrown -at- NACS -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 21:14:12 -0500

Gordon Hayes <ghayes -at- PANTHER -dot- VANTAGEPOINT -dot- COM> wrote:

>Just a note that this mailing list is being posted on my web pages, if
>you're interested. As I learn more, I will make things more interesting.
>URL location is:

and Richard Mateosian <srm -at- C2 -dot- ORG> commented:

>I'd be interested in other people's opinions, but I think what you've done
>violates the copyrights of list members. You can give people information
>about how to find something, but if you reproduce the thing, you need
>permission. ...RM

Richard is correct. One of the copyright myths is that once something
is in electronic form anybody can make copies of it ad lib. (Maybe I
should have actually posted those copyright myths, instead of posting
only a pointer to them.) Whether it says "copyright" or not, it's
copyrighted, and copying it is stealing, even if you have no profit
motive and even if your intentions are innocent (as I'm sure Gordon's

I'm not a lawyer, but based on CMS and the writings about copyright on
the Net, the writer of something electronic owns it just as surely as
the writer of something on paper. It is not legal to make copies
without permission, period. "Of that there is no manner of doubt, / no
probable, possible shadow of doubt, / no possible doubt whatever."

As writers we should all have great respect for the intellectual
property of others. Though the details of copyright law (like any law)
may be messy, the basic principles are quite clear. I renew my offer:
for those who have no Web access, email me and I'll send you a copy of
the copyright myths. If you do have Web access, please refer to

Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems Cleveland, Ohio USA +1 216 371-0043
email: stbrown -at- nacs -dot- net Web:

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