Re: posting TECHWR-L digests without permission

Subject: Re: posting TECHWR-L digests without permission
From: Gordon Hayes <ghayes -at- PANTHER -dot- VANTAGEPOINT -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 20:58:55 -0700

Hey, I'm TERRIBLY sorry and I certainly apologize for violating any
principles at all, legal or otherwise. I had only the best of intentions,
not that ignorance is any real defense, but I really meant no harm,
otherwise I wouldn't have email the group to inform them of my intentions.

I have posted several mailing
lists on my page for a while now, just for my ease of viewing. It occured
to me that I should share this with others (I'm not commmercial) to view,
mostly for the others on the mailing list. I told the lists that I'm
doing this and this was the first negative I've heard on it. Of course, I
should have realized that I should have posted to this group first.
Stupid me. :) I only meant to be helpful but I can cease and desist
immediately, or at least until there is acknowledgement that I'm in the
safe zone and not offending anyone. I simply didn't think it was a
problem or I would have asked first. By the way, technically, I didn't
make a copy. I posted the copy I received in my email, so I never
considered anything about copyrights.
I was even contacted by one list owner and asked to be an official site
in the US to display his list (Elephant Talk mailing list for the King
Crimson band).

Once again, sorry. :) I will take it off line until someone (like the
owner or group or however this would be resolved) okays my actions for
public display (hey, hardly anyone ever hits my pages, anyway, I'm not a
big deal. I'm only taking the link offline, as I prefer to view it that
way, however, so if only the group would like access to it, I'd be willing
to give only them the url. It will be there anyway, but just for my
personal use. I run several scripts a day that adapt the email list to
html, it just surrounds the email with html, there is no altering
whatsoever. I wouldn't even be surprised if no one but myself and tech-l
people have seen it, if even they have seen it.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I come from a back ground of
informing and not necessarily making money, guess I'm more academic. Yes,
I AM a tech writer, fiction writer, etc., and I belive in intellectual
property, to a degree.
Anyway, enough from my big mouth.
Anyone know the list owner personally? I'd love an email from them...
Thank you most kindly,
Gordon Hayes
Embarrassed technical writer

On Thu, 7 Mar 1996, Stan Brown wrote:

> Richard is correct. One of the copyright myths is that once something
> is in electronic form anybody can make copies of it ad lib. (Maybe I
> should have actually posted those copyright myths, instead of posting
> only a pointer to them.) Whether it says "copyright" or not, it's
> copyrighted, and copying it is stealing, even if you have no profit
> motive and even if your intentions are innocent (as I'm sure Gordon's
> are).
> As writers we should all have great respect for the intellectual
> property of others. Though the details of copyright law (like any law)
> may be messy, the basic principles are quite clear. I renew my offer:
> for those who have no Web access, email me and I'll send you a copy of
> the copyright myths. If you do have Web access, please refer to


> Regards,
> Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems Cleveland, Ohio USA +1 216 371-0043
> email: stbrown -at- nacs -dot- net Web:

Gordon Hayes (Writer/Consultant) WebRiters / LaGoN Productions
Email: ghayes -at- vantagepoint -dot- com / Also on: WolfeNet,
Cyberspace & The Microsoft Network / KCMBS-NDEX

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