web posting of TECH-L (continued)

Subject: web posting of TECH-L (continued)
From: Gordon Hayes <ghayes -at- PANTHER -dot- VANTAGEPOINT -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 1996 12:42:57 -0700

This situation is still pending. As you will notice, this list is
OFF my web page. I'm still curious if anyone would want access to
the page, though it will remain (at least for now) invisible to the
Below are my comments to the nice people that emailed me, and
SOME of the comments I received:

To Stan:
Thanks. I acknowledge your comments and appreciate your pov, as well as
your guidance. I am interested in how people view this for future reference.
I understand that I made a copy from the original, and I hadn't really
understood that at the time.

Thanks for bringing this all up, I learned a few things.

>>I suppose I've got two points to make:
>>1. If you are concerned that your copyrights are being violated, then
>> you've got a much bigger concern than what Gordon Hayes has done.
>>2. If you want to search for a Usenet posting (and the TECHWR-L messages
>> go into Usenet), give DejaNews a try:
>> http://www.dejanews.com/

Thanks for the info. I hadn't realized that, but assumed (dangerously)
that somethink like that was the case. Again, I only was looking at
educational value and ease for the list members in viewing (I don't like
viewing lists from my email program (Pine).

Absolutely! Thanks. And it has always been my intention of asking
permission prior to publishing, certainly if it is for profit. I have
written a web page for my wife (www.vantagepoint.com/carin/) wherein
people email her questions about horses and showing). It is specifically
stated that this email, which will receive a qualified reply from a
professional trainer/instructor, is to be used for public display
(sanitized of names, etc.) to educate, and on these web pages. If it is
to be
used for other publishing than this, the original email owner would be
first notified, asked, and responded to appropriately.

Thanks for the offer of supplying us with the sites where the list is posted.
But I don't think all that work would be necessary. I'm assuming the
point has
been made by now.

Thanks, and I agree that writers don't get all they deserve and are abused
by the public, business and even other writers (I didn't mean to be one
of those).

Sheesh. I guess this really is bigger than me. :) Well, I'm about to give up.
I think I could use more informed input...
>>I don't know the list owner personally, but I know he is:
>>Eric J. Ray
>>ejray -at- galaxy -dot- galstar -dot- com
>>The problem, however, is that even if you talk with the list owner, he
>>does not own the copyrights to the individual posts that appear on the
>>list or the digest. Those are owned by the writers themselves (last
>>tally I saw: 1,960 of them). To post the digests (legally) you would
>>have to have written permission from all the posters in the digests. I
>>doubt you could get them all to grant permission.
>>One alternative maybe to provide a link to the bit.listserv.techwr-l
>>newsgroup. Not as nice as actually posting it on your webpage, but it
>>does provide access to the information.
>>Good luck. Kent Newton
>>Senior Technical Writer Metrix, Inc.

Gordon Hayes (Sr. Technical Writer/Systems Consultant/Analyst)
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Also on: WolfeNet, Cyberspace & The Microsoft Network / KCMBS-NDEX
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