Re: Bickering/defamation (off topic/short) ...

Subject: Re: Bickering/defamation (off topic/short) ...
From: John Hedtke <jhedtke -at- OZ -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996 23:51:00 GMT

Guy McDonald <guym -at- daka -dot- com> wrote:

>We live in a "sue happy" society. Seeking monetary recourse from
>crackpots that transmit personal attacks on this list is a waste of energy.
>It takes a thick skin to work in this business, and a fair portion of good
>humor. My opinion is that like any profession.... if it's no longer fun,
>seek another venue. As for crackpots, they go away...
>You folks have another nice weekend.
>Guy McDonald
>guym -at- daka -dot- com

I was doing an online presentation on AOL last year about how to break
into publishing and some dweeb stopped in and was snotty about what I
was telling people being of little value. I immediately replied "Yes,
but I'm making an awful lot more money than you, so neener, neener,
neener!" He went away. :)

John Hedtke
Computers save time like kudzu prevents soil erosion. -- Al Castanoli

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