Re: Framemaker required

Subject: Re: Framemaker required
From: John Gough <gough -at- AUSTIN -dot- ASC -dot- SLB -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 09:13:16 -0600

Tracy Boyington wrote:
>What bothers me is people who have no experience who just decided to
>be a writer one day (probably the day they saw the ad).

Amen. I've been approached by a ridiculous number of people
who are burned out at liberal arts grad school or human
services or even programming. They ask how to get into tech
writing as if all it takes is the secret handshake.

My internal sarcastic response is to ask why they don't just take
up nuclear physics, civil engineering, or law--the pay
is usually better. Heh.

[Unless they're really annoying, I calmly and politely suggest
a way to get their feet wet...usually through coursework and
getting exploited through the cheapo agencies to build a portfolio]

I've been in TW through two degree programs and 15 years of work...and
I still like it. But the social and organizational lot of our profession
has sometimes been enough to make me want to take up wine stewardship or
goat breeding or even...programming! Fade into music from
Five Easy Pieces...

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