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Subject: posting the list
From: Gordon Hayes <ghayes -at- PANTHER -dot- VANTAGEPOINT -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 1996 20:21:10 -0700

Hi, and thank you for you comments.
My thought, first and foremost, typically is educational.
When I try to make money off something, I gear up into an entirely
different frame of mind. But typically, I'm always trying to educate
others, and myself and I miss the days when the Internet was thought to
be a forum for free and open exchange of information and ideas.
I work for a company now, that is making money off of the Internet.
Something I was opposed to many years ago.
Things change, things evolve, I've tried to keep up.
Sometimes, its hard.
I have little "turf" in my mind, I have even posted an article on my web
pages, regarding people who get upset at others "stealing" their web page
designs. I am a contractor that gets paid to write web pages for others.
Rip me off, if you need that much help putting out a web page, you are
welcome to my code. The expertise in that, is not writing the web pages,
but in maintaining, evolving them, and making them useful, over time.
My point...I make money off the Net now, but I'm very relaxed about my
work. I'm more interested in others bettering their technique, and
therefore, overall, our Web. Same goes for writing. My technical manuals,
seem to be very good, from what I hear. But if someone needs to copy that
form, or whatever, Please, feel free. All I've ever asked in recompense,
is acknowledgement. Of course, money, when it is available. :)
But, I depend upon my own efforts and direction for that. I'm not too
concerned about someone copying me, unless they are being cruel,
vindictive and simply a ripoff, esp., if they are making a LOT out of it.
It comes down, at that point, to a moral question, and a judgement; which
I tend to avoid, whenever possible.
Okay, I've begun to bore myself.
Thank you all for your support, and arguments. I feel more enlightened,
and more aware.
Have a nice week,

Gordon Hayes (Writer/Consultant) WebRiters / LaGoN Productions
Email: ghayes -at- vantagepoint -dot- com / Also on: WolfeNet,
The Microsoft Network / KCMBS-NDEX

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