Re: copyright - posting TECH-L

Subject: Re: copyright - posting TECH-L
From: Marilynne Smith <mrsmith -at- CTS -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 03:28:00 PST

At 08:52 AM 3/11/96 +0000, Tracy Boyington wrote:
>Gordon wrote:
>> I had been going on the theory that if used for educational value, that
>> many things could be copied, perhaps the only requirement being that the
>> reference be made.

>This is a myth that my employer (a developer of instructional
>materials) has to deal with on a daily basis. People have wrongly
>assumed for many years that educators are allowed to blithely copy
>and distribute anything they want because it's for "educational
>purposes," and this is simply not true.



I agree with Tracey. I've had professors take a book they purchased and
copy it for the class. Sure you get a chapter a week, the author is
credited, etc., but the writer and publisher are missing their profits from
the sale of the books. That this should be condoned in the colleges and
universities is incredible to me.

As a writer, I am incensed. As a sometimes student, I'd rather buy the book
and have it for reference. Most of the handouts I've received at school are
poorly done and not worth keeping anyway.

Marilynne Smith
mrsmith -at- cts -dot- com

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