Sea Lawyers & Copycats

Subject: Sea Lawyers & Copycats
From: Guy McDonald <guym -at- DAKA -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 08:57:42 -0800

"With this protection in mind, requesting permission to re-post or
re-publish someone's mail message is not only good manners
but also legally necessary."
This is a bunch of rubbish. I would be very interested how Edward
Cavasos and Gavino Morin back up such bold statements alleged by Ms.
Hansen. Noteworthy thanks however must go to Lise Hansen for the referal
now added to my "read soon" list. I have wondered why so many of you have
focused on the "copyright" issue. This is no "new thread", however it
raises emotions from *some* writers who (like religious zealots), sniff out
& hunt down anyone who dares quote such *precious prose* globally plastered
on the "internet". I believe this is a minor issue (pertaining to e-mail
only) that we should dismiss without labor.

Something I would like to discuss though is communication. How many of you
are misquoted in e-mail/office memos/publications? How many of you have
seen blatant (or innocent) reproduction of someones words that do not
convey the original thought? To me this falls under a roof not sheltered
in copyright law. And personally.... this would be the only time I would
consider legal recourse against a individual or organization for such

Rationalizing "e-mail copyright" with *sea lawyer* logic is absurd.

Guy McDonald
guym -at- daka -dot- com
Side note to Lise Hansen:
You quoted a book on TWList recently. I disagreed with you almost entirely
with the above open letter (but without emotion). After all, we are good
people trying to make honest livings in this business.

With that said, could you please tell me what source the two authors
reference (other than their own interpretation of the Copyright Act)? If
that is all it is... and even IF they are lawyers, it is but another
*opinion* on a unsettled issue.

I take umbrage with:

"any email you send to someone else is your property, and the recipient can
only use it in ways consistent with your wishes" (Cavasos & Gavino, p. 56).

Thank you.

Guy McDonald
guym -at- daka -dot- com

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