Re: copyright -- my last word (and you can quote me on this)

Subject: Re: copyright -- my last word (and you can quote me on this)
From: Stephan Andraksen <sandrak -at- GRFN -dot- ORG>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 23:27:25 -0500

Come on people...get off it!

Nobody is trying to make a buck off this, so cancel the macho, cancel the
adrenaline, and cancel the competitiveness. Save it for the business
world or the office (if you still have one!)

If we can't participate in the free exchange of ideas on this forum (or
its derivative such as the WWW or whatever) where can we participate?

First, lighten up, then try expending energies where they will do the
most good. We're in this together (or SHOULD be)...nobody is trying to
grab a dollar off the table, so just relax, read, and ruminate.

Stephan Anraksen

On Mon, 11 Mar 1996, Eric Brown wrote:

> Here's the way I see it. If someone takes this (or any) list and copies it
> to their web page, the writers whose words are being preserved have only
> two fair and reasonable reactions:
> 1) thanks that their writing will be available on a continuing basis, to a
> wider audience
> 2) appreciation for the individual who will be putting out effort to
> maintain the web page

> I just don't understand how anyone can get so chippy about letters written
> off-the-cuff to a public group. Comparing this to works of art? Accusing
> people of making big bucks off our discussions of gramar and the merits of
> HTML? And please don't swamp my e-mail with bleatings of moral outrage.

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