Re: Chapter numbering & TOC

Subject: Re: Chapter numbering & TOC
From: Beth Jankowski <bjj -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 00:12:08 GMT

I have done away with the master document altogether by using the
Reference Doc technique to compile the TOC and index. To do this:

1.Create a new file.
2.On the Insert menu, select Field.
3.In the Field Codes field enter:
RD firstchaptername
4.Enter fields for each of your chapters, creating a new line for each
5.Enter a section break after the list of RD fields.
6.Enter your TOC field code.
7.Recompile the TOC. The system searches for each chapter file as it
appears on your list of RD fields and compiles the TOC accordingly. It
should have no problem with large files since it deals with each file
8.In the same way, create another file for the index. Be sure to add
an RD code for the index file to the TOC file.
NOTE: If you have opened a file that is in another directory, and have
not reset the directory to your current one containing your chapter
files, you will get an error. Just reset your directory and it will

I hope this makes sense. A description of this procedure is in _Word
Version 6 for Windows_ published by Que.

Beth Jankowski
First Chicago NBD
bjj -at- ix -dot- netcom -dot- com

"H. Chou" <chou -at- als -dot- ameritech -dot- com> wrote:

>i know i've been asking several related questions for the past couple
>weeks about chapter numbering, but new problems arise daily. some i'm
>able to solve...others i'm hoping the experts can answer.

>the latest problem involves this scenario: to keep from having to
>maintain a master document to create a toc and index, we are using { rd
>} links. this saves us from having to reboot Windwos after Word
>inevitably crashes. we are also numbering our chapters using the Heading
>Numbering feature--we're doing this because each chapter restarts at page
>1, e.g. page one of chapter 1 is 1.1, page one of chapter 2 is 2.1, etc.
>(when software is updated, we send only the updated chapters, and our
>customers insert them in a binder. we do this, becuase our set of manuals
>is fairly expensive to print, and we want to save our customers as much
>money as possible. updating our manuals in this fashion allows us to
>update entire chapters without having to worry about consecutive page
>numbering snafus.).

>the problem i am currently encountering involes chapter numbering showing
>up in the toc. after i insert my page numbers formatted with chapter
>numbering, for some reason in some of the larger chapters, the chapter
>numbering is not showing up in the toc. when i go into that chapter, the
>chapter number format has disappeared, and i have to reformat it. this
>takes a while, to say the least. our chapters are large, but not big
>(80-100 pages is standard, but no graphics, just lots of tables)

>is this a memory problem? i am running word 6.0 on a 486dx2/33 with 16mb
>RAM. should i get 6.0a? (i trashed it in another thread because it didn't
>save master document properly--but now that we don't use them, should i
>reinstall it?) or should i get 6.0c? and where can i find it (i can only
>find 6.0a at the microsoft web site). don't suggest framemaker or other
>layout application (though i myself would agree), because getting
>multiple copies of it is not currently in our budget.

>Thanks for any info. Chou (hchou -at- als -dot- ameritech -dot- com)

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