Re: Requesting Posting Courtesy

Subject: Re: Requesting Posting Courtesy
From: aer -at- PCSI -dot- CIRRUS -dot- COM
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 09:53:00 PST

Far be it from me to claim total expertise.... BUT
your assertion that every msg posted to this [or any]
list has the sender's data in it is a circular one.

Some people's e-mailer evidently puts their .sig
info in a field that certain other e-mailers/servers
do NOT pick up. Such is the case with my corporate LAN.
Some remailers do essentially the same thing...

I can look in a msg's Contents and sometimes find a
clue, but [in case there's no info in the msg ]unless there
is an explicit identifiable Reply-to field with the sender's
address, I have no way of determining the sender's info.

I've encountered this on various lists, with different
listserv, mailserv or majordomo types of server SW,
and the ONLY remedy is for people to include in the
body of their msg their .sig/sender info. I can do nothing
about it [I can't use a different e-mailer, nor can I change
settings on the mailserver itself, if such were possible].

Having asked here [& elsewhere] repeatedly that posters
include their reply-to info, I am always sympathetic to
those who suffer the same 'anonymizing' problem.

Al Rubottom /\ tel: 619.535.9505, x1737
aer -at- pcsi -dot- cirrus -dot- com /\ fax: 619.541.2260

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