Re: Online with IBM's BookManger

Subject: Re: Online with IBM's BookManger
From: Joyce Flaherty <flahertj -at- SMTPGW -dot- LIEBERT -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 14:20:44 EST

I picked the CD demo at the STC annual in DC last year.
I loaded it, nosed around a bit, and trashed it.

I'm sure that IBM put a great deal of talent and money
into this product, but the demo is sooooooooooo bad.

I had some difficulty determining how the product
organizes data and handles navigation, because the
awful graphics kept my full attention. Why they didn't
take the time to clean up this stuff is beyond me.

joyce flaherty
flahertj -at- smtpgw -dot- liebert -dot- com

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Subject: Online with IBM's BookManger
Author: crudorf -at- ccmgate -dot- mbsbooks -dot- com at INTERNET
Date: 3/14/96 9:31 AM

Management just got a great idea: let's put hardcopy online. "Carl, see to it;
here, use BookManager."
Specifically, the goal is to create softcopy books on the AS/400, using
BookManager -- which is incorprated into the 400 OS V3R1.
I've successfullty ported a legacy WordPerfect doc into BookManager, but this
stuff looks ugly! Has anybody else the dubious honor of having to work with this
stuff? Any tips?

carl rudorf
crudorf -at- mbsbooks -dot- com

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