Re: Re[2]: FrameMaker Required

Subject: Re: Re[2]: FrameMaker Required
From: Tim Altom <taltom -at- IQUEST -dot- NET>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 17:50:00 EST

At 03:16 PM 3/17/96 EST, you wrote:
>On 3-14-96 Robert Plamondon wrote:

>>> My experience is that few people read manuals until
>>> they are completely stuck. If they can muddle along,
>>> they are content. Thus, one can become an instant
>>> expert by plowing through the manual set.
>For the record, I have never *plowed through* a manual or manual set
>in my life. I'm a voracious reader, but I read books that describe
>processes conceptually. I know what tasks an application pkg should
>perform. If the how-to is not obvious from the interface, then I go
>to the book. This approach works for me. Furthermore and as a
>result of this approach, I consider myself an expert on a handful
>of tools. I do not muddle along, unless I am using a tool so
>infrequently that learning it is just not worth the bother (for
>example, some Norton utilities).

Me too, Joyce. I have to confess that I almost always dive into a package,
then use the manual when I can't intuit my way out of a box. I know most of
my users work that way, too, unless they're having formal training. I like
working with live files to get my bearings. I work through the live ones,
learning how the original creator did things. It's inefficient as hell, but
I can't bring myself to sit and march through a manual.

Tim Altom
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