Re: FrameMaker Required

Subject: Re: FrameMaker Required
From: Jim Grey <jimgrey -at- IQUEST -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 09:32:00 EST

Karen Gwynn <Karen_Gwynn -at- DATATEL -dot- COM> reels with amazement:
>regarding the ratio of follow-up resumes to the total pool of resumes
>received, I'd agree that its pretty low (probably 1 in 15-20). I was also
>amazed at how many people who clearly did not meet the minimum=
>stated in our ad replied anyway. I guess when you are despirate, you'll go=

I've long made it a practice in my job searches to apply for jobs for which
I don't meet all the qualifications, but in which I am interested.
Depending upon who is in the market at the time, I may still be the most
qualified person available. If not, it takes the hiring manager but a few
seconds to scan my resume and put it in the "No" pile.

I got this job after responding to an ad that listed these qualifications:

=B7 1-2 years authoring experience for help systems and/or CBT
(RoboHelp/Authorware a plus);
=B7 2-4 years instructional design, usability and evaluation testing=
=B7 Technical writing background, graphic user interface design skills;
=B7 Ability to learn new software quickly;
=B7 Excellent communication skills, customer service focus, and working in a
team environment.

I had written online help for UNIX-based software, but never for Windows and
was unfamiliar with the packages named. My "instructional design"
experience was limited to developing one training class for a previous
employer. I've never done usability or evaluation testing. Matching
requirement to qualification, I didn't fit. =20

I wrote my cover letter to highlight my direct experience and express great
interest and any tangential experience in the other areas. They called me
for an interview. I was able to convince them that I have the *innate*
skills necessary to handle this job, and to learn what I don't know. They
hired me, and seem happy with me. I'm pretty happy with them.

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