Re: Cubicle Sweet Cubicle (was: Workplace Discrimination)

Subject: Re: Cubicle Sweet Cubicle (was: Workplace Discrimination)
From: Jim Grey <jimgrey -at- IQUEST -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 09:36:00 EST

W. Michaels (wm -at- TELEPORT -dot- COM) and David Somers bantered about office space:
>>Of course, the other kind of discrimination is the workplace itself. I do
>>not work in open plan. Period. I've done it a few times, and never again...
>Ditto here!
>I have turned down jobs that sat me in the depths of cubicle hell.
>My new home office is quiet and only two cats distract me if I
>absent-mindedly leave the door open. I can't think in a noisy beige
>>Give me a nice office
>>with one or two other people, a fast 'puter, a nice non-click keyboard, the
>>hydroponic plant set, and a nearby caffeine source.
>My only alteration to the above Dream Job: add a door to that office
>to keep out hallway chat.

While I know exactly where you guys are coming from, I'd like to say: Man, I
WISH I could always be so choosy.

I left a job with a truly wonderful office. I was its first occupant, so
everything was new and shiny. It was huge. The furniture, locally made,
was ergonomically correct. I had complete privacy and plenty of work
surface. I had the latest computer equipment. I had a five-foot tree
growing in one corner! And lithos on the wall! I could listen to voice
mail on speaker without everyone else knowing my business! But that job was
eating my BRAIN.

But the rest of that job was hell. Now I have a job that suits me a HECK of
a lot better -- but I share an office, I'm surrounded by generic beige
furniture, I have a worn-out chair, and I have significantly less space in
which to work. I have an older, less-capable computer. (The one really
good thing is my 17th-floor view of Indianapolis.) But I'm happier, despite
having a lesser office.

My first job in this field put me squarely in Cube Hell. My cube came from
leftovers in the warehouse; each panel was a different color. The
environment was noisy. I had an ancient, ugly desk with a surface that
bowed downward in the middle. To put my keyboard at an acceptable height, I
"acquired" from the warehouse a battered typist's table and had one of the
Facilities guys nail boards onto the end to replace two missing legs. Until
the company started to go belly-up, and despite deplorable office
conditions, I was very happy with that job. I had a great deal of autonomy,
and the engineers respected me enough to make sure that I was part of all
the product development discussions. On several occasions, they implemented
design improvements that I suggested. WOW!!!

jim grey |beebeebumbleandthestingersmottthehoopleraycharlessingers
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