Re: Help with compiling textbook index with Word

Subject: Re: Help with compiling textbook index with Word
From: Kris Olberg <kjolberg -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 08:38:49 -0800

At 07:30 AM 3/20/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Does anybody know an easy way to compile an index with Microsoft Word?
>I am editing a textbook on relativity/cosmology and would like to know
>if you have any advice on this issue. I'm more familiar with indexing
>methods (marking text, etc.) on WordPerfect, but not so with Word.
>Reply to the list or to warren -at- edinboro -dot- edu -dot- Thanks.
>Wendy Warren
>warren -at- edinboro -dot- edu

Word indexing is relatively easy. First, you create the index entries. You
insert them right next the text you want to call out. You can do it manually
using Ctrl-F9, or you can use select Insert, Index and Tables and follow the
instructions. They look something like this:

File service line count. {XE "File service line count"}This must
be the sum of all batch service line count fields (YA0 08) included
in this file.

The braces {} delimit the index entry field. The XE indicates that the text
to follow in quotes is the index entry. You can create a multilevel entry by
separating the primary, secondary, and tertiary entries by a colon. For example:

{XE "automobile components:engine:pistons"}
{XE "automobile components:engine:crankshaft"}

These entries would create an index that looks like this:

automobile components

When you are ready to compile the index, you insert an INDEX field where you
want the index to appear in your document. Again, you can use Insert, Index
and Tables to help you with this. Here's an example:

{INDEX \h "A"}

To compile the index, make sure no hidden characters are shown (like
paragraph marks or page breaks) and make sure no field codes are showing.
Then select the entire document (choose Edit, Select All) and press F9 to
compile the index.

Good luck. Let me know if you need more information.

kjolberg -at- ix -dot- netcom -dot- com (preferred)
kjolberg -at- aol -dot- com
102031 -dot- 3556 -at- compuserve -dot- com

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