Re: Workplace Discrimination

Subject: Re: Workplace Discrimination
From: Tom Lange <Tom_Lange -at- CROW -dot- BMC -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 11:00:49 -0600

Yes, I have had the same thing (almost word for word) happen to me on
at least four interviews. One of the managers hired me, three did not.
I have 20 years experience, I am male, I am a professional, my kids
are grown, and I can normally bring tough jobs in on time (although
the current one is questionable). Another interesting thing is two of
the managers were female. Every manager I know is concerned that
schedules are met. Their job, as well as mine, is on the line for
every project.

Just one Texan's opinion.

Tom Lange
tom_lange -at- ccmail -dot- bmc -dot- com

Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 08:40:40 -0600
From: Rick Stein <thunder -at- IDIR -dot- NET>
Subject: Re: Workplace Discrimination

Tim Altom's query about discrimination in the workplace was quite
Just yesterday I was thinking about a contract I didn't get recently.
sure there were good reasons why I didn't get it, but I kept coming
back to
one thing that happened in the interview with the client. After he'd
my writing samples, talked about what needed to be done, talked about
skills, etc., he leaned across and said "Now look. This is a very
project. You'll have to be completely responsible for getting this
No missed deadlines. I don't care what your excuse is, whether you
sick kids or whatever. I have to know that you can get this done. Do

I was quite surprised. I wouldn't take a job I didn't think I could
through on. Who would? I hadn't mentioned anything about my family,
although I do wear a wedding ring. Would he have said this to a man?
can't imagine it. So now I'm wondering if I didn't get the job
because I'm
a woman and he thinks women are unreliable.

Have any of you men ever been told something like this?
(I know this is a bit off topic for the list so if you'd rather follow
privately that's OK with me.)

Mary Howe
Thunder Works, Inc.
thunder -at- idir -dot- net

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