Re: Mouses/Pointers & wrist problems

Subject: Re: Mouses/Pointers & wrist problems
From: Beth Jankowski <bjj -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 16:22:51 GMT

Recently I went to a session on workstation ergonomics at my company,
and this is what they recommend:

- Keep your forearms roughly parallel to the floor when working at the

- When using the mouse, keep your elbows bent, and make sure you have
good forearm support. Move your arms, not your wrists. (I'm not sure
what they mean by "forearm support," because they told us not to rest
our arms or wrists on anything while we are typing or "mousing" - yes,
they used the term "mousing!")

- Keep your writst in a "neutral" or straight position.

- Support your arms during lulls in typing.

- Consider using palm, wrist, or arm supports, if needed.

From my own experience, I have found that switching my mouse to my
left hand (I am right-handed) helped immensely. This gave me the added
benefit of being able to "mouse" with the left and write with the
right. Also, I had been allowing my wrist to "drag" on the desktop as
I used the mouse. When I stopped doing that, it helped.

Whenever my wrists do act up, I wear a wrist brace that comes up over
the hand with a band that goes between the thumb and first finger and
attaches to the palm with velcro. The simple one-strip wrist band did
not work, but actually aggrivated the condition.

I hope this helps!

Beth Jankowski
bjj -at- ix -dot- netcom -dot- com

Kathleen Walsh <kathleen -at- qantel -dot- com> wrote:

>I am developing a wrist problem that I believe is due to my mouse
>(I started using one regularly not long ago). Does anyone have
>a suggestion on how to adapt my use of the mouse or a suggestion
>for a different pointing device to minimize wrist problems? Please
>email me (kathleen -at- qantel -dot- com).

>kathleen -at- qantel -dot- com

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