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Subject: Re: (Fwd) Re: Web publishers
From: Beth Jankowski <bjj -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 16:31:42 GMT

It may not be a tie-breaker today, but since Microsoft has announced
that, as of next year, they are standardizing on HTML for help
systems, and eventually phasing out Winhelp, it will be. The people
coming out of the session at WinWriters where they announced this all
were muttering, "Well, I'm gonna learn HTML now!" It's not just for
the WWW anymore.

As to reliance on an HTML authoring tool, I take the attitude I have
for Winhelp authoring tools. They are a great benefit in turning out a
lot of code fast, for debugging your work, and for organizing your
project. But I, for one, want to know what is going on behind the
scenes. If I have to go directly to the code to fix a problem, I want
to know how that code works. And often the fastest way to edit a
project is manually - I frequently bypass my Robo and work directly on
the files.

Beth Jankowski
bjj -at- ix -dot- netcom -dot- com

sandrak -at- grfn -dot- org wrote:

>Fellow TechWriters:

>Here's an example of NON-WRITERS taking on the task of developing
>HTML for a WWW site.

>Most of the recent HTML "generators" are so very easy to use (thanks to those
>almost weekly advances in technology), that I wonder if
>the importance of this skill, as listed on a writer's resume, has
>somehow been lessened.

> Quite a few of the recent postings to TECHWR-L have mentioned HTML
>and the WWW. Just how important is this skill to the
>technical writer in search of employment? IMHO, not very important
>at all!



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>I've heard good things about Pagemill.

>Also, the April 1996 issue of Internet World has a 2 page article mentioning
>several others, including HOT DOG.

>Let me know, please, whatever you settle on. I'm doing my pages by hand so
>far. I've tried two HTML editors that were more work than doing it myself,
>so I gave up.

> Pax, Dave 512/463-9321
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>At 10:35 AM 3/25/96 EST, you wrote:

>>I am interested in purchasing a web publisher that will convert word
>>perfect (6.1) documents to html for posting on our web site. The
>>Internet Publisher upgrade for 6.1 is not satisfactory. I am very
>>interesting in learning which software programs you are using and the
>>level of your satisfaction with them. Thank you in advance!
>>Beverly D. Boone
>>Director of Career Services
>>Law School
>>University of Richmond, VA 23173
>>(804) 289-8638, FAX (804) 287-6516

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