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Subject: Re: (Fwd) Re: Web publishers
From: Marilynne Smith <mrsmith -at- CTS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1996 23:01:00 PST

I use Internet Publisher for WordPerfect 6.1 to generate the intial files.
IP is an HTML generator of a sort. When I've gone as far as I can with
that, then I go to HTML Assistant, which helps with the tagging and allows
me to clean up the mess and tweak things. In my opinion, if you want a nice
Web Site you have to code.

At 12:18 AM 3/26/96 +0000, Stephan Andraksen wrote:
>Fellow TechWriters:

>Here's an example of NON-WRITERS taking on the task of developing
>HTML for a WWW site.

>Most of the recent HTML "generators" are so very easy to use (thanks to those
>almost weekly advances in technology), that I wonder if
>the importance of this skill, as listed on a writer's resume, has
>somehow been lessened.

> Quite a few of the recent postings to TECHWR-L have mentioned HTML
>and the WWW. Just how important is this skill to the
>technical writer in search of employment? IMHO, not very important
>at all!



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>From: Dave Kinnaman <kinnaman -at- TENET -dot- EDU>
>Subject: Re: Web publishers
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>I've heard good things about Pagemill.

>Also, the April 1996 issue of Internet World has a 2 page article mentioning
>several others, including HOT DOG.

>Let me know, please, whatever you settle on. I'm doing my pages by hand so
>far. I've tried two HTML editors that were more work than doing it myself,
>so I gave up.

> Pax, Dave 512/463-9321
>Dave Kinnaman <kinnaman -at- tenet -dot- edu>
> What goes around comes around.
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>At 10:35 AM 3/25/96 EST, you wrote:

>>I am interested in purchasing a web publisher that will convert word
>>perfect (6.1) documents to html for posting on our web site. The
>>Internet Publisher upgrade for 6.1 is not satisfactory. I am very
>>interesting in learning which software programs you are using and the
>>level of your satisfaction with them. Thank you in advance!
>>Beverly D. Boone
>>Director of Career Services
>>Law School
>>University of Richmond, VA 23173
>>(804) 289-8638, FAX (804) 287-6516

Marilynne Smith
mrsmith -at- cts -dot- com

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