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Subject: Re: Information Mapping - V
From: Michael Wing <mjwing -at- INGR -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 16:49:35 -0500

>From: Tony Rocco[SMTP:tony_rocco -at- navis -dot- com]
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>Subject: Re: Information Mapping - V

> RE>>Information Mapping - VCR

>I would not want to write a sys admin reference in the manner you
>here. Your style is great for the intended audience, but as I mentioned
>previously, most audiences are not technophobic dunces, as you assume
>typical VCR user is.

Lighten up Tony. Where did I advocate using the procedure (If anyone,
as a result of my last post, is using this manner now -- Please
Stop!!). It was an example of how I perceived the philosophy that
Technical Writers should write more entertainingly. I only seemingly
assumed that the audience was "dummies" in the second procedure, the
first was straight-forward.

By the way, despite the "dummied-down" approach, was it entertaining?

Mike Wing

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>Date: 6/27/96 14:04
>To: Tony Rocco
>From: mjwing -at- INGR -dot- COM
>>> In making his case that technical writing is not and should not be
>>> entertaining Bill Hartzer says:
>>>> "If Technical Writing was entertaining
>>>> reading, 99 percent of Americans would know how to program their VCRs!"
>>> That's exactly the point Bill; if user manuals weren't so deadly dull, dry
>>> and unimaginative, if they better served the needs of the user, people
>>>know how to program their VCRs.
>Okay, let's try two procedures for setting the VCR timer.

>Procedure 1

>1) Press the PROG button (located at the far left of the control panel)

> The Program Menu displays.

>2) Press the "^" button until the Clock Set menu item highlights.

>3) Press Enter

> The Time Set displays as follows:
> 12:00

>4) In sequence, enter in the correct time from the numeric keypad
>(located directly to the right of the PROG button).

>5) Press 1 for A.M. or 2 for P.M on the numeric keypad.

>6) Press Enter

> The time is set

>Procedure 2 (Get rid of that annoying blink)

>We are now entering the mysterious world of VCR programming.

>1) Press the PROG button (one of those buttons that you always wondered

> Presto! The Program Menu appears.

>2) Press the "^" button. Trust me, it won't mess up a thing. Keep
>pressing until the Clock Set item is highlighted. (You can stop
>pressing now)

>3) Press Enter

> Whoa, what happened to the screen? It says that it's 12:00.
>fret, that's the
> annoying 12:00 that has been blinking since you bought the VCR.

>4) Check your watch (you did change the batteries, didn't you?) and use
>the numeric keypad (and you thought it was a calculator) to enter the
>current time. Hurry or the time will no longer be current.

>5) Press 1 for A.M. or 2 for P.M on the numeric keypad. Check outside
>to determine if it is before or after noon.

>Note: By the way, I have no idea whether 12:00 is A.M. or P.M. Best
>just to wait another minute.

>6) Press Enter

> The blink has stopped and you're now a genius.

>Obviously, my entertaining procedure is extreme; however, this is what
>comes to mind when someone says we must be entertaining. Please, feel
>free to modify either example to show me the difference between dull,
>entertaining, and cutesy.

>Mike Wing

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