Re: Labels on CD-R's or CD-ROMs

Subject: Re: Labels on CD-R's or CD-ROMs
From: Bill Hartzer <XBJH%mimi -at- MAGIC -dot- ITG -dot- TI -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 08:31:42 -0500

Shalanna (Denise) Weeks said the following:

"You don't want to go sticking labels on CDs. It's going to gum up
somebody's works or peel off or whatever."

I'm sorry, but you're misinformed. Many companies make labels that are
specially made to go on CD-R's, and are designed for people doing just a
few CD-R's at a time. You can use any laser printer or copier or inkjet
printer to print sticky labels that go on Compact Discs.

About a month ago we went through a big long discussion about printing
on CD-R's, so please check the archives about this discussion before
continuing it again on the list.

For the mean time, pick up the latest copy of CD-ROM Professional
magazine on your newsstand and they'll have plenty of alternatives to
printing on CD-R's, including labels printers and labels you can run
through your printer. There's also some devices that make sure you line
up the label correctly when you go to 'stick' it on.

As for the rubber stamping, I wouldn't use it for your logo. That'll
probably look unprofessional. However, Denise DOES have a good idea,
though; use a rubber stamp to print dates, serial numbers, etc. on the
CD-R's. This information is certainly distinct to each CD-R, and
provides a great solution. Of course, the ink from the stamp probably
won't 'stick' if the CD-R doesn't have a label on it! :-)

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