Re[4]: Help: Find/Replace Bug

Subject: Re[4]: Help: Find/Replace Bug
From: Friedlander_Tori <torif -at- KSL -dot- CO -dot- IL>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 13:27:26 EST

What's that old expression ... Once burned, twice .... At present we have our
manuals broken down into individual files (by chapter). Somewhere in the near
future, we have to decide whether we will try a true publishing program or work
on something called reference fields. I just can't convince myself to give
master documents a real try <shuddering at the thought>

Regards from the Middle East Where We Work Mostly When you Don't,
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Subject: Re[3]: Help: Find/Replace Bug
Author: iharrison -at- SCT -dot- CO -dot- UK at Internet
Date: 25-09-96 12:24

Tori writes:

There is indeed a Word 6.0c. If memory serves, its not considered to be a
patch <as in free> but an upgrade <as in get out your checkbook>. After
much searching, I tracked it down on the internet ... and, its worth
checking into ... I have heard that it solves a <few> bugs including one or
two related to the use of master documents ... not enough to make it worth
my trying to use that feature however ;-}

You are right about it being an upgrade, not a patch. 6.0c is (still?)
available from MS as a set of disks, confusingly labelled 6.0d (the
difference is in the distribution disks' format, not the software, which
reports 6.0c).

In the UK, at least, this upgrade is free to registered users, and yes, the
master/sub documents feature is still broken. Word 7 is significantly
better, IMHO.

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