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Subject: Re: Dilemma
From: Steve Fouts <stefou -at- ESKIMO -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 14:52:46 GMT

Brad Connatser <cwrites -at- usit -dot- net> wrote in article
<cwrites-2509961117090001 -at- bway-slip129 -dot- dynamic -dot- usit -dot- net>...
[A truly Dilbertesque story deleted to save space]

That's just plain [expletive deleted]!

However, irrational, destructive, and angry behavior will do absolutely
nothing for your professional standing. In addition, it is generally not
the management that gets to deal with the consequenses of your actions,
but your peers.

So you have to decide whether this insult to your professional dignity
makes it impossible for you to continue to work for these people. If
you can't work for them anymore get out that resume. Continue to work
with all due diligence at your assigned tasks.

When you secure other employment, inform them that you want to give
ample notice to your current employer. New employers generally respect
that. Give your boss a simple notice. One that contains no trace of
anger or resentment, that simply says you have secured other employment
and you are resigning effective whenever.

Attempt to wrap up all of your assigned tasks in a way that makes it
easy for the next person who works on them to pick up where you left

My reasoning is simple. If your bosses have any intelligence at all
they already know why. If they are truly clueless, the only thing you
can do by showing anger is give them a plausible excuse for your

Upper management always wants to know why good, productive, employees
show themselves the door, but their only reaction to someone who takes
out five new pentiums with a ball peen hammer is, "good riddance." They
never say, "Boy, what did you do to cheese her/him off?"

Good luck.

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