Re: hot tech writing mkt -- salaries skyrocketing?

Subject: Re: hot tech writing mkt -- salaries skyrocketing?
From: "Susan W. Gallagher" <sgallagher -at- EXPERSOFT -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1996 17:36:49 -0700

At 05:18 PM 10/1/96 -0700, Susan Gallagher wrote:
>We're trying to recruit tech writers right now. Not only are we having a
>hard time getting people in the door (we're in CA -- East Bay), but those
>coming in with 3+ experience are demanding at least 70K. Many want at least
>75K. Perhaps it's networking writers in particular -- not sure.

>I'm not unwilling to pay this, however, it seems like tech writers are
>pulling the Mazda Miatta gig -- sell at whatever the buyer will pay. And
>pay they will right now -- I've discovered that tech writer openings are a
>dime a dozen.

>Are other tech pubs mgrs experiencing this?

>Susan Gallagher Manager, Technical Publications
>susan -at- livingston -dot- com Livingston Enterprises Inc.
Hi Susan!

(Yes, there really *are* two of us! Bwwaaahahahahahahah!) ;-)

I've been trying to fill an open position since May and have finally
made an offer I think will be accepted -- and although we don't quite
pay Bay-area wages, we're pretty near the top of the heap for San
Diego. And I had to promote the personnel req. from intermediate to
senior if I was to have a prayer of hiring somebody.

Not networking -- we're extensions to OO languages -- but I think
it's the *high* in high-tech that's the discouraging part. Many
of the writers I've talked to think the job is just too technical,
would rather work in a GUI environment, talk to an end-user
audience, etc.

And yup, positions are plentiful so writers can name their price
and expect to get it.

Pulling a Mazda Miatta, huh? I'll have to remember that one!

Susan W. Gallagher Manager, Technical Publications
sgallagher -at- expersoft -dot- com Expersoft Corporation

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