Translation and Internationalization Issues

Subject: Translation and Internationalization Issues
From: Nancy Hoft <nhoft -at- WORLD-READY -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 08:53:50 +0000

Hi All,

I've been reading with interest the thread on translatability and
internationalization. For those who know me, it's a topic near and
dear to my heart and one that's absorbed my professional life for
the past six or seven years.

A few additional things to mention if you share my interest in this

- If you are a member of the STC, consider joining the International
Technical Communication Professional Interest Committee. The ITC PIC
publishes Global Talk, a quarterly newsletter, which is excellent.
Lots of tips related to these issues with articles from people
worldwide. The ITC PIC sponsors a panel of experts at every annual STC
conference. And, the ITC PIC is looking for volunteers, too. (hint!)
To find out more, contact send email to Betsy Maaks, the Manager of
the PIC, at bmaaks -at- tellabs -dot- com -dot-

- There used to be a listserver for internationalization and
localization issues, but interest has fallen off tremendously over
past two years. So, now it's dissolved from what I can tell. I've
been thinking of starting one up as part of my graduate work. If you
might be interested in something like this, please send me an email
(nhoft -at- world-ready -dot- com) and if the interest is high, I'll get the
funds and machinery together and let you know when it's ready for
your subscription.

- I have an online reading and reference list at my Web site of sites
on the Web that address internationalization and localization issues.
I update it periodically as I find more useful information. Most
recently, I've added a collection of URLs to sites that address
controlled English and machine translation. I'm also
open to posting articles you've written on international technical
communication at my site. If you've got something, let me know! The
URL is:

- There are two non-profit organizations that address international
technical communication on a regular basis: STC and LISA (the
Localization Industry Standards Association). STC costs around $95
USD a year and LISA costs around $2500 USD a year. However, LISA ONLY
addresses localization and internationalization issues and is an
excellent investment for any corporation that needs to deal with
these issues regularly. To find out more:
or email Michael Anobile, the director, at lis -at- lisa -dot- unige -dot- ch -dot-

- I recently contributed to two excellent volumes, published only
months ago, that might interest you and that you might not know
about. One is coedited by Jakob Nielsen and Elisa del Galdo,
entitled _International User Interfaces_ (John Wiley & Sons, 1996).
The contributor list and topic list is wonderful, since we had contributions
from people worldwide. Many hard-to-find topics. To see the TOC: The other book, _International
Dimensions of Technical Communication_, was edited by
Deborah Andrews and is an STC publication. Again, we had contributors
from around the world who wrote on fascinating topics. To see the TOC
for this book:

- And, if you're new to international technical communication, I'll
be teaching a two-day seminar in Chicago on 28-29 October and
again in Atlanta on 14-15 November, for SOLUTIONS
called "Preparing World-Ready Information Products". The
course provides a 360-degree view of all aspects of international
technical communication. I've taught the seminar many times and it's received
great reviews. To be honest, I love teaching the seminar:-). To
review the outline:

Hope this helps!


Nancy Hoft
~~ N A N C Y H O F T ~~
601 West Douglass Avenue nhoft -at- world-ready -dot- com
Houghton, Michigan 49931-2328 USA +1 906.482.5658
International Technical Communication & Web Publishing

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