Re: Numbered Procedural Steps

Subject: Re: Numbered Procedural Steps
From: Michael Collier <michacol -at- SBSERVICES -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 14:14:04 -0500

At 09:14 AM 10/31/96 -0800, Daniel Wise <dewise -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM> wrote:
>>Eric Ray comments on numbered procedural steps. Why use numbers at
>>Don't we usually use caps, italics, boldface, or a different type font
>>our reader what kind of action/resonse it is? If we have to click a
>>strike some keys, we may put that in bold. Then we might use lightface
>>the screen response, etc. Why do we need to add to the clutter by
putting in
>>numbers or bullets or some cutesy dingbat? Seems like a waste of
>>to me.

Win Day responded:

>Numbers are necessary if the steps must be performed in order -- in
>words, don't proceed to step 2 till you have completed step 1.

>When I list steps that need not be completed in order, like a in
>I'll use bullets or true check-boxes

Also, numbers are necessary in order to refer back to previous steps,

"34. Tighten the screws inserted into the frizznozzle (step 29)."

Michael Collier
michacol -at- sbservices -dot- com
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