German Mailing Lists

Subject: German Mailing Lists
From: Alexander Von_obert <avobert -at- TWH -dot- MSN -dot- SUB -dot- ORG>
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 1996 17:18:00 +0100


this offer is not for everyone on this list, as you need some command of

Some of you have received my T-SIGONL mailing list for those involved
writing hypertext, online documentation and other related fields. We had quite
a few lively discussions.

NEW: T-ALLGEM, a mailing list for general discussion among technical
communicators. On Nov 13-14, I will offer an Internet workshop at the tekom
conference in Fellbach near Stuttgart, Germany. There will be more than 100
professionals who will surf the Net and learn about other wonderful things
TECHWR-L. I will not miss the opportunity to introduce them to my mailing

If you wish to join these lists, send a message to

listserv -at- twh -dot- msn -dot- sub -dot- org

In the body of the message write any of the following lines:

subscribe t-sigonl
subscribe t-allgem
unsubscribe t-sigonl
unsubscribe t-allgem

Your subscription message will be answered by the FAQ. But you can get the FAQ
from listserv with the line "faq <list name>".

Please remember: Your subscription makes no sense if you cannot read German.
This will distinguish my mailing lists from TECHWR-L and others.

If you know someone in Europe who might be interested in t-sigonl, t-allgem,
techwr-l or some related mailing lists and newsgroups, but has no Internet
access: These mailing lists are available from my BBS using FIDOnet
ortSh characteristic: FIDOnet technology using a 14.400 Bd modem is about as
fast as UUCP over a ISDN line which should be 64.000 Bd. I know because I use

Greetings from Germany,

Alexander von Obert, Urbanstr. 2, 90480 Nuernberg, Germany
Free-lance Technical Writer (electronics, software)
Voice +49-911-403903, Fax +49-911-403904, BBS +49-911-403905 (FIDO 2:2490/1719)

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