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Subject: Re[2]: Killer Language -Reply
From: Don_Smith -at- SMTPLINK -dot- PENRIL -dot- COM
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 14:48:09 EST

Amy Brown Writes:


"Personally, I'm apt to use "hit return" or "'hit enter", but what
bugs me about terms like "abort" and "Kill" is not the violence but
the melodrama. I get visions of reactor core meltdowns and Tom Cruise
ejecting himself
from a burning fighter plane. We're documenting software or hardware
(mostly for civilian use), not writing screenplays."

I have been a tech writer for many years and I, for one have begun to
really dislike the violence of the language more and more all the
time. I believe, as others have said, that this is a sign of the
times. If others lived in D.C. (I live 75 miles away, but commute to
within a couple of miles of D.C.) they would be ready and hearing
about murders, shootings, etc. *everyday*!

"Kill it", "hit it", etc., I don't think we really need.

I use "press Enter", "delete it", etc. Less violence, more kindness,

(Of course I am an Engineering Major, not Journalistic Major.)


Donald A. Smith
Senior Technical Writer

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