Re: Re[2]: Giving clients softcopy-- 4 keys?

Subject: Re: Re[2]: Giving clients softcopy-- 4 keys?
From: Donna Blakeslee <donnab -at- ITOP1 -dot- US -dot- DG -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 07:53:44 EST

Well, since today is my penultimate day in my current contract and I'm
such a good mood, I shall reveal all... having opened a locked
FrameMaker document, press the following keys in sequence:


And yes, the case does matter... upper-F, lower-l (ell), lower-k.

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Subject: Re[2]: Giving clients softcopy-- 4 keys?
Author: mcosgriff (mcosgriff -at- tele-tv -dot- com) at internet
Date: 11/14/96 12:29

Come on, David, we're all dying to know:

WHAT four keys? and in WHAT sequence?

We (jointly and severally) will not sleep until we find out!


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<<Ah, but those read-only FrameMaker documents can be unlocked by pressing four
keys in the correct sequence... I'd stick to read-only PDF files, since they're
much harder to unlock (but given a large enough hammer, even the toughest
wallnut can be cracked).

Greetings (from france),

David Somers
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