Correct wording -- caps in file names

Subject: Correct wording -- caps in file names
From: Earl Morton <WorkgWords -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 14:58:25 -0500

While we're more or less on the subject, is there a globally accepted,
correct, set in stone convention for setting in text the names of
files? I typically use all caps (CONFIG.SYS), and a different font from
the body text. But nowadays -- I guess all days, in Macintosh Land --
with long file names (filenames) and mixed case, am I just showing my

A great deal of "acceptable" usage depends on the environment: UNIX, Mac,
Windows, etc. I work mostly in the Windows environment, so I use the
Microsoft Manual of Style as a guide. It says (on p. 70):

For new and revised documentation for Windows and the Macintosh, use
title caps for file names and directory and drive names. Use all lowercase
for extensions.

.com file
My Tax File, 1995

You can use internal caps for readability in concatenated file names if
won't be confused with function names, as in "MyTaxFile."

If the documentation is in transition--that is, if not all of it is being
or the schedule doesn't allow for change--use the previous file name
convention of all uppercase, as in "C:\TAX\APRIL95.XLS."

I don't accept the MS manual as gospel, by any means (they break their own
rules too often), but at least it is good advice, and I try to follow it
unless I have specific reasons to disagree.

Earl Morton

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